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End Times Signposts

When it comes to studying end-times prophecy, there are books, blogs, and Bible studies beyond number. In our personal search, however, we have found that most resources go into extreme detail. It's easy to be overwhelmed before you even get started. What follows is our attempt to take a step back, look at the big picture, and share some signposts that can help us identify where we are on the biblical, prophetic roadmap. God has given His children knowledge of these signposts ahead of time so we will know how to best use our time and prepare for what comes next. That is what living strategically is all about.

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The Mystery of the Shemitah

The Mystery of the Shemitah is an important read in today’s age.  The author, Jonathan Cahn, is a Messianic Rabbi in New Jersey who also wrote the book The Harbinger.  We have spent many hours listening to his sermons and researching the “mysteries” he reveals in The Harbinger, and we feel Pastor Cahn is a very down-to-earth, biblically grounded, cautious preacher who really does have a message from the Lord for America.  (It was important to us to make sure he is not one for speculation or date setting.)  His message for Believers is simple: stay right with God and stay pure in all your ways, in order to be a bright light in this world that is getting darker and darker.  And for America, his message is to turn back to God, or else God will bring judgment on the nation as a loving act to bring us back.