Money Management 101

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Over the past two decades we've studied the topic of biblical stewardship, as well as taught it and put into practice. In our latest podcast series, we take a look at the key elements for a biblical understanding of personal finances. We hope you'll join us and embrace what we call the ultimate paradigm shift in your financial life!

Podcast Ep. 15 | Reaching Financial Freedom

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In the final episode of our podcast series on managing money and possessions as wise stewards, we take a look at what it means to find true financial freedom. We talk about our goals as we aim for financial freedom, and the character traits required to get there. We also share our take on Dave Ramsey's "baby steps", as a guide for transforming your finances.

Podcast Ep. 14 | Debt-Free Living

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When it comes to personal finance, one of the best lessons to learn is avoiding the use of debt. Debt has become widely accepted in our culture, to the point where some would argue that they cannot survive without it. We are here to tell you there is a better way. When you invite God into your finances, you can live a debt-free lifestyle.

Podcast Ep. 13 | Cultivating Contentment

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In this podcast episode, we ask ourselves, “Do we have enough?” and “How can Christians find true and lasting happiness?” The answers can be found in cultivating contentment in our lives. We believe that contentment is not about a number, or achieving a certain amount of wealth to be satisfied. It's about the attitude of the heart, being content with whatever God blesses you with to manage for His glory.

5 Keys to Living a Strategic Life (Video)

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How do you live a strategic life? How do you make the most of the resources that God has entrusted to your care, and avoid the pitfalls that distract you from His calling on your life?

In this video, we share 5 keys for Christians to live intentionally and effectively. When these 5 strategic elements come together, Christians can live the fruitful and abundant life that God has called us to live.