The Return: A First-Hand Perspective

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The Return was created to be a “national and global day of prayer and repentance". For a long time now, those two actions—prayer and repentance—have weighed heavily on my heart as two of the most needed and most lacking disciplines in the American church. Here are my three take-aways from attending the event in Washington, D.C.

Podcast Ep. 18 | The Revival of America

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If you've never read a book by Jonathan Cahn, get ready for a different way of looking at the world — in a good way! Just as we believe his message is important, Jonathan Cahn's methods provide a fresh perspective on prophecy and history to help us understand the world we live in today. Jonathan Cahn is a watchman, and a prophetic voice, for this generation. God has used him to sound the alarm of warning to anyone who will listen.

Strategic Insights from Isaiah

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God used Isaiah to proclaim some of the most well-known passages in the Bible about the Savior of the World. God can use us, too, for His divine purposes. But we must be careful to live as godly men and women, following Isaiah's example. Today, let's all apply these strategic insights from the book of Isaiah to our lives and see how God uses it.