Bible Basics

Strategic Insights from Isaiah

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God used Isaiah to proclaim some of the most well-known passages in the Bible about the Savior of the World. God can use us, too, for His divine purposes. But we must be careful to live as godly men and women, following Isaiah's example. Today, let's all apply these strategic insights from the book of Isaiah to our lives and see how God uses it.

5 Habits of Truth Seekers

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What is truth? Pilate’s famous inquiry is the same question that has perplexed the world from the fall of man all the way to the age of fake news. Some people ask it in contempt or disillusionment, while others are sincere truth seekers. In this post, we’re taking a look at five traits of people who put truth at the top of their priority list.

Money, Wealth, and the Book of Proverbs

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Proverbs takes many different aspects of our financial lives and reveals the unifying thread: In the long run, prosperity is inextricably linked to character. In this post we have listed 39 passages from Proverbs that cover topics from tithing and generosity to greed and debt. Take a moment to see what these verses say about your approach to money and wealth!

The Names of God

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In modern English, the names of people and places are important, but they don't necessarily define the thing they refer to. In the Bible, however, names carry great significance. God is very intentional about words—after all, He used words to create the universe—and the words He uses to refer to Himself are a rich source of insight into His nature.

Benefits of Studying the Bible

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One of the most important benefits of studying God’s Word is growing closer to Him and growing more like Christ. If you want to get to know someone, you spend time listening to them. This is just as true with our relationship with God as it is with our earthly relationships. As we spend more time with God and get to know Him better, an amazing thing happens: we become more like Him. Knowing God and imitating Christ go hand in hand.